Welcome to my magical world

I am Anat, a jewelry designer and a CollAnaty brand owner.

My love for creativity started at a very young age, sculpture, art, materials and colors always filled me with peace and passion at the same time.

I believe that a piece of jewelry is designed to accurately capture all your visibility wherever you aim at any look you choose - light, bold, up-to-date or conservative ....

So my jewelry collection is characterized by a wide variety of styles and is suitable for everyday wear, evening wear and occasion.

My jewelry is handmade and incorporates different materials like gold / silver plated metals, various types of stones, leather etc.

My jewelry is made with a lot of thought and love so I put a special emphasis on quality and service so you can enjoy your shopping experience.


My jewelry can be purchased in several ways:

  • Order online.
  • Studio in Kfar Yona.
  • Phone order.

Any questions you are welcome to contact me.



Come to visit me in my studio.

19. Iftach st. Kfar-Yona